Principal's News

Mrs. Fuhrman

Mrs. Valery Fuhrman 

Dear River Valley Families:

Our second semester is in action!  It is always a busy time of year.  It is also a great time of year to stop and look back on how much has been accomplished already.  We just had our student awards program– with some record numbers of students with perfect attendance, community service hours, and academic achievements.  I am proud of our students for their hard work and the teachers for their support of students.  I also recognize the support and guidance parents add to the formula.  It truly takes all three sides– students, parents, and teachers– to help build success. 

Mrs. Valery Fuhrman

Iowa Assessments                                                                                                                                                                                 A reminder that our Iowa Assessments (formerly called the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) will be given the week of February 18th.  We know that students do their best on the tests when they take them with the group and receive the same  standardized directions and time frames.  Please keep this week in mind when scheduling any appointments! 

They also do better when they are feeling their best and feel confident.  Teachers are working hard to build their      confidence through instruction, review, and increasing student stamina for test taking tasks-longer independent work times and question formatting similar to tests.  Please help your student by ensuring they get good nutrition, exercise, and rest all week.

Teacher Webpages.

Please take the time to look at the teacher webpages by visiting the school website (, going to the elementary tab and then selecting the teacher name.  Teachers update and add to these regularly-especially their lesson plans.  It is a great way to get a hint of what is going to be taught each week. 

Box Top  Thank You!

Thank you for your box top donations!  Thank you also to the volunteers who sort, trim, count and organize them for redemption.  A year’s worth was sent in and the Elementary got back a check for almost $2000! That is a great profit from trash!  We will use the money to purchase two more iPads—-allowing for every teacher to then have iPad access in their classrooms. 

A Couple of Reminders-

JMC Online-  I f you are a parent of a 3rd-12th grade student, I hope you have developed a habit of checking your    student’s grades online.  Teachers try to keep them current on a weekly basis.   If you have troubles or want more  information, please call the school office.

Winter Weather Wear-  Our students go outside for recess almost every day.  All students in PreK-6th should wear a coat, hat, gloves, boots, and snow pants for recess.  Please take the time to label your student’s gear so if it gets left or dropped we can easily get it back to the student. 

Reading Calendars are due the last day of each month.  Please help your child reach their goal.