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Mr. Torgerson

My Home Page
Middle School and High School Social Studies 

Mr. Torgerson and Son


Hello! I’m Mr. Torgerson! I went to Morningside College and graduated in 2017 with my Bachelor’s in Secondary World and American History Education. I also have a minor in U.S. Politics, a Reading Endorsement, and Honors in both History and Education (Phi Alpha Theta and Kappa Delta Pi). I was a substitute teacher for 1 year in the Sergeant Bluff and Sioux City Districts. I have a 4 year old son and he’s my heart and soul.

I view teaching to be a sacred profession and I firmly believe in the idea that "the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."


Instructor Information:

Instructor: Mr. Torgerson

Room: 207

Email: ztorgerson@rvwolverines.org
Phone: (712) 372-4656 ext. 1260

Office Hours: 7:40am to 8:15am
                       3:30pm to 4:00pm (Only by request)


Course Outlines:


6th Grade: World Regions and Cultures

    In sixth grade, students will focus on geography, history, and culture in global regions. Students will analyze regional, physical, and cultural characteristics of places. The analysis will show how these factors influenced people who lived there and how the people and characteristics have changed over time.

7th Grade: World History (Contemporary Global Studies)

    In seventh grade, students will explore global perspectives on contemporary issues and worldwide interdependence. The interconnected world we live in today requires that Iowa students be well-educated about worldwide issues to cultivate diplomacy, effective citizenship, and global competitiveness. Students could examine challenges facing the world community such as hunger, population, conflict, global environmental challenges, human rights, poverty, energy scarcity, global health, education, immigration, globalization, and other political, economic, social, and ecological concerns. Within the guidelines of the State of Iowa’s descriptions of this grade level, we will be covering the topics included: ancient civilizations and their cultures and religions, foundations of Western ideas, the renewal of Europe through the Renaissance and Reformation, the early modern world of exploration and revolutions, and the modern world covering global challenges. 

8th Grade: United States History and Civic Ideals

    In eighth grade, students focus on the history of the United States including the American founding and establishment of democratic principles. Students will analyze the powers and civic responsibilities of citizens and examine the origins, functions, and structure of the U.S. government. As a result, students will gain an understanding of historical events in early American history, democratic principles, individual rights, and government institutions. Within the guidelines of the State of Iowa’s descriptions of this grade level, we will be covering the topics included: Pre-Colonialism, the Slave Trade, Colonialism, Racial Divides in the Colonies, the American Revolution, the Formation of the US Government, Westward Expansion, the Dividing of a Nation, The Civil War, and the Reconstruction Era. 


9-12 Geography

    A cultural and geographical study of the Eastern Hemisphere.  This course explores historical and contemporary issues relating to the region(s). The focus of this geography class is on the human aspect of Geography and how humans interact with their environment.  We will study Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania. The geography standards emphasize the human and physical characteristics of geography. The standards promote the use of multiple geographic tools in order to frame issues and solve problems in both a local and global context.


Classroom Expectations:


-Chrome Book (fully charged)
-Chrome Book charger
-Pencil (or pen)
Blank Notebook
Any due assignments


Classroom Rules


             - Do NOT physically, verbally, or emotionally abuse your classmates

             - Speak one at a time and allow your classmates to share new ideas.

             - Do not invade anyone’s personal space

             - Do not damage other people’s property


            - Admit your mistakes and be willing to move on from them

            - Use your time wisely to get assignments done when they need to be done.


            - Bring a pencil/pen, notebook, chrome book, charger, and assignments.

            - Bring a positive mental attitude.


              - Do not misuse your chrome books

              - Place cell phone in designated area at the beginning of class.


Students are expected to transfer between classes during the passing times (3 Minutes).  Tardy is defined as not being present in the classroom by the end of the passing time without proper admit slips from office and/or teacher.  If a student is more than 20 minutes late to a class, it shall be recorded as an unexcused absence for that class.  An accumulation of three (3) unexcused tardies to an individual class will result in an unexcused absence for the class.  Classroom teachers will record dates students are tardy and impose consequences.  

Make-up work:

Schoolwork missed because of excused absences must be made up within two times the number of days absent (not to exceed 10 days) beginning the day the student returns to school.  Time allowed for make-up work may be extended at the discretion of the classroom teacher and it’s the responsibility of the student to initiate a procedure with the teacher to complete missed work. All missing work during an absence shall be labeled M (missing) on PowerSchool until the allotted time is up. If a student misses more than two consecutive days then a parent may call in and ask for homework to be collected by office. If a student only misses one day, it is their responsibility to contact teachers for work missed that day.


UNEXCUSED make-up work: 
Students are expected to turn in high quality homework on time. A failure to do so will result in a fundamental instructional skills and management approach used by the A.P.L Associates, a researched based program that specifies in classroom management techniques. 
Are extended only to those students showing extenuating circumstances or prolonged excused absences.   Extensions may be granted by the teacher with permission of the principal.  Failure to finish an incomplete within two weeks may result in a failing grade and loss of credit.
Grading Policy:

100-93%     A        92-90%    A-

89-87%    B+        86-83%    B        82-80%    B-

79-77%    C+        76-73%    C        72-70%    C-

69-67%    D+        66-63%    D        62-60%    D-

< 59%    F