River Valley Coronavirus Updates 

Schools are closed for the remainder of the year per Governor Reynolds announcement on April 17. 

Educational Plan

The state allows each school to select between providing a required or voluntary educational plan.  We have chosen to provide a voluntary plan while we are closed for grades PK-5. We have decided on a hybrid plan for 6th-11th graders.

PK-5 - Voluntary
  • We will continue to provide learning packets through a "BINGO Board"
  • More information will be sent to you from Mrs. Holtz. 
6th -11th - Voluntary then REquired
  • We need to be prepared in the future for moving to a required format for learning for our students. We need to try a week of required learning with our 6th - 11th graders to see how we do and where we need to improve.  This will also give our students an opportunity to raise their grade/standing for the third quarter, which will become their second semester grade.
  • May 4th - May 8th will be required. Please understand the work completed can only help you.  
    • Students will need to have homework back to teachers by May 15. 
  • More Information will follow from Mr. Bisenius. 
Seniors - Voluntary
  • Seniors continue with voluntary plan

Graduation - June 28

We are planning on graduation traditional ceremony on June 28 at 1:30pm. If state rules in regards to larger gatherings and social distancing are still in place then we will switch to a virtual graduation at the same time. 

Prom - June 20

Prom has been moved to June 20th.  We will not have a makeup day for Prom. 

Spring Sports

Spring sports have been canceled for the remainder of the year. 

summer sports

Summer sports have been suspended until June 1.

Phone extensions - Call (712) 372-4656

Taunia Pry - Food Director - Ext. 1234

Melissa Holtz - Elementary Principal - Ext. 2223

Adam Bisenius - JH/HS Principal/AD - Ext. 1222

Ken Slater - Superintendent - Ext. 1238


11:00am - 1:00pm