March 27, 2018

Dear Parents:
I am writing to you in regard to our preschool program. We will be making some changes for the 2018-2019 school year after much discussion with our teachers, school board, and AEA representatives. In short, we will not be offering a three-year-old program next year. This was a difficult decision but it has been something we have looked at for the last three years. We want to concentrate our efforts on our four-year-olds and provide them full-day services Monday through Thursday. Our teachers will then have Friday for important collaboration, planning, data analysis, and cleaning.

We feel this change will help our students be prepared the best for kindergarten. We were one of the last schools to still have a three-year-old program. We also have some financial limitations that have impacted this decision. Three-year- old’s with IEP’s may still be staffed into preschool by the AEA.

Ken Slater
River Valley CSD