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River Valley is using a new e-registration system through Power School this year since the old one was discontinued.  You will need to use your computer to complete online registration.  Go to your Parent Portal at You will need to remember your username and password to complete the registration.  It is very cumbersome to do it on the phone and web browser so it is recommended to complete forms on a computer  Forms are not available on the mobile application.  If you are not sure of your username and password you will need to contact the school to get a username and temporary password.  

After logging on you then click the forms tab:  Forms 

Then there are 4 different tabs above (General Forms, Class Forms, Enrollment, Student Support). Click on Enrollment Forms Tab and it will take you to the forms we need completed for registration.  If you have a new student  transferring from another district then there is additional form to be completed which is clearly marked for new students.  Fill out forms for each of your children.

Additional Forms:

After you complete the Enroll forms then go to the General Forms tab for additional forms:

Home Readiness This will give us helpful knowledge regarding your connectivity if we have to move to hybrid or remote learning.  We have also included a 

Town Transportation Request Form as we will continue to offer town stops after we worked out some details.  We will need this completed so we can assign seats.  

Remote Learning Request - Parents who prefer to have their children educated remotely or need to for medical reasons will need to complete this form.  This form is due by August 17. 


Go to our Cheddarup Payment link Cheddarup does charge a fee for credit card payment.  You can simply check the registration fee amount you owe and select pay by check and bring check in later to either office. 

Click the Parent's Guide to Ecollect for more instructions on how Ecollect works.