Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Trisha Frerichs

In this spotlight we will recognize Ms. Trisha Frerichs.  She celebrates her birthday on July 21st.  She has one cat named Boots and two dogs.

She earned her teaching degree at the University of South Dakota.  She is in her 1st year of teaching and she teaches 2nd grade students.  She believes her students would be surprised to find out that she has never broken a bone (they see her trip about once a week!)

Her favorite thing to do for fun is to golf and hang out with friends and family.

Some of her favorites are:

  • The color pink.
  • Food is pizza and pasta (CARBS!!)
  • Movie is "Harry Potter Series."
  • Song is any Christmas song.
  • Sport is golf and volleyball.

Her best thing about teaching is helping students learn and learning from students, getting to know each student as a learner and child and they bring a unique perspective into the classroom.

Ms. Frerichs, thank you for all that you do!